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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Riots In Indore : Postmartem

It has been almost a month since indore flared. some new developemtns :

1. A very bisaed article written by doyen of secular journalism gautam navlakha in EPW. I wish we should have fatwa in hinduism also so that people like this bloke can be dealt with.

2. First time official fishing of all India Muslim organizations including jamait ul ulma hind in troubled water.

3. Congress leaders who were hiding in their homes the day of riot collect money and give to all riot victim families.

4. Congress leaders organize a "sadbhavna sammelan" which reduces to political power dispaly among various factions in front of big leaders..

5. Cases agianst police constables - a sure recipe to demoralize police force.

6. No effort yet to deocngest lanes to make police movement smooth, no aciton agiasnt house owners whose house were used for stoning on police, no action against license weapon owners in khajrana area, no questioning to riot victim families as what their wards were doing out on second day of riot so they were caught in cross fire?

7. Internet is abuzz with articles blaming Indore people. No one responds form nationalist side. are small time bjp leaders listening what harm they can do to city's image with their shortsighted approach. earlier same people had gone and did a dharna in front of a plane at airport.

8. Nagori -SIMI head admits that pakistnai terrorsits came for smajhauta blast and purchased suitcase cover from kothari market. and police in Indore was sleeping more glaring is news that Ahmadabad blast mastermind used to visit SIMI guys in Indore jail. What the hell jail authorities were doing? letting anyone meet SIMI's national chief??? not recording conversation ? no trailing of person who came to meet???

height of inaptitutde and incompetence.

Do we really need Pakistanis media pseudo secularists and jihadi apologists, indifferent educated class, greedy politicians and thanks to ambedkar and mandal increasingly dumb administrators will anyway ensure that country goes to drain.

finally some more pics of those days

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