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Monday, August 11, 2008

Rau assembly segment : battle starts

Today congress also had its worker conference in Rau. It is interesting both parties start having worker's conference as elections approach.In congress sammelan first field was thrown open for workers to come and speak but later was stopped due to obvious reasons.Rau assembly seat is newly formed and includes rau, ralamandal, bhicholi hapsi and ward 67-69 of Indore city. Rau town is dominated by patidar OBC community which has reaped benefit of green revolution and subjugaitng tribal in Mhow area since longIt has a total of 2.38 lakh population with 18% SC and 9% ST.

BJP is going to field most probably Madhu Verma - IDA chairman. IDA is one authority which has become refuge of defeated political leaders. During congress era kripashankar shukla used to be its chairman. With exponential rise in property prices IDA board members who are all poiticains except one officer literally mint money.
this time land deal which saw reliance paying IDA some 200 cr rs is being used by IDA chairman as his elction fund. Instead of concentrating on what IDA is meant to do i.e. develop new schems and take up work which is of lasting value , this money is being squandered on road construction and other jobs which are essentiall IMC's responsibilty.
this serves three fold purpose

1. Get gratittude of MLAs and councillors in whose area work is done to get their support for nomination
2. benfit contractors and others who will fund the campaign later as any big work of lasting importance will attract nationwide tender and will be less prone to corruption
3. Use government money to run own election camapign in Rau segment via last moment construction work.

Congress seems to be divided house and all old leaders who know it will be difficult to win seats in main city are eyeing this seat. it won't be a surprise if congress fields some patidar candidate. Caste consciousness is very hgih in this community and this is one way in which Congress can hope to defeat BJP.

Rau also has nakhrlai dhani, IIM indore and a big tract of land along both sides of AB road which has seen quantum jump in vlauations. So builders and real estate lobby alos has a interest i narea and I guess only Indore 2 can exceed this area in terms of real estate valuation ( which is free for developement).

So get ready for a typical money soaked indian election.

i wish someone from IIM indore and numerous colleges situated in this area would have tried to contest election.

It is the laziness of "good" people which is harming indore.

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