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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mill Land : who will win

By recent news items appearing in press it appears that issue of land belonging to defunct mill land in indore may see its decision before election.

For uninitiated after cotton mills in Indore stopped functioning due to outdated technology and machinery ( textile sector is doing very good in India elsewhere) , large workforce and inapt management their land which are actually on lease from administration have suddenly acquired huge importance due to their central location and huge jump in property prices.

Now some interesting facts:

1. Politics of Indore used to be mill dominated earlier. Even Economic and political weekly has an article in last issue mentioning this. This is true as my grandfather rose to become mayor of Indore solely because of his involvement with trade union.

2. But this is no longer the case and at most only one municipal ward is mill labor dominated so IMC has no compulsion to listen to labor.

3. Labors have got money in bits and pieces and very unrealistically are demanding salary and pension even for years when mills were closed. It is just a case of vociferous pressure group.

4. Interesting angle is fishing by PWD minister in the troubled water. his interest is real estate is open secret and there are talks that he may convince state government to sale land to pay up liabilities of labor.

5.Ideally land should be returned to IMC which can put it to good use (commercial or residential) so that business activity in the area gets a fillip and this opportunity to improve city planning is not wasted.

but real estate barons rule India.A person like jagmohan was made to leave urban development ministry by them.

and who are the people involved here a handful of intellectuals who may also succumb to pressure of this vested interests.

so get ready for another big land deal in Indore, lots of votes for PWD minister from labor, lots of business for consumer goods companies in Indore ( as happened in Bhopal when money for gas relief was distributed) , and another obnoxious commercial complex in herat of city.

Update : on 30th Spetember Bhaskar carreis news that councillor Lalbahdur Verma tries to usurp some mill land. So clearly things are at stake.

Interestingly he is the same councillor who got a thana incharge suspended a few days back only because that person dare to protect another political worker whom Mr Verma was threatening.

Earlier this Mr Verma did not let Nagar Nigam function becuause he was no longer head of "zoo"

What kind of people we are saddled with in Indore. Mr Advani are you listening??

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