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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Riots In Indore : Postmartem

It has been almost a month since indore flared. some new developemtns :

1. A very bisaed article written by doyen of secular journalism gautam navlakha in EPW. I wish we should have fatwa in hinduism also so that people like this bloke can be dealt with.

2. First time official fishing of all India Muslim organizations including jamait ul ulma hind in troubled water.

3. Congress leaders who were hiding in their homes the day of riot collect money and give to all riot victim families.

4. Congress leaders organize a "sadbhavna sammelan" which reduces to political power dispaly among various factions in front of big leaders..

5. Cases agianst police constables - a sure recipe to demoralize police force.

6. No effort yet to deocngest lanes to make police movement smooth, no aciton agiasnt house owners whose house were used for stoning on police, no action against license weapon owners in khajrana area, no questioning to riot victim families as what their wards were doing out on second day of riot so they were caught in cross fire?

7. Internet is abuzz with articles blaming Indore people. No one responds form nationalist side. are small time bjp leaders listening what harm they can do to city's image with their shortsighted approach. earlier same people had gone and did a dharna in front of a plane at airport.

8. Nagori -SIMI head admits that pakistnai terrorsits came for smajhauta blast and purchased suitcase cover from kothari market. and police in Indore was sleeping more glaring is news that Ahmadabad blast mastermind used to visit SIMI guys in Indore jail. What the hell jail authorities were doing? letting anyone meet SIMI's national chief??? not recording conversation ? no trailing of person who came to meet???

height of inaptitutde and incompetence.

Do we really need Pakistanis media pseudo secularists and jihadi apologists, indifferent educated class, greedy politicians and thanks to ambedkar and mandal increasingly dumb administrators will anyway ensure that country goes to drain.

finally some more pics of those days

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TINA factor in Indore and Madhya Pradesh

Today congress in Indore held its so called "sadbhavna" sammelan, a poor effort to get political mileage out of recent riots. Even then I expected at least there would be discussion on what are the political or social or economic factors resulting in recurring violence in Indore.
But alas election time is near. So this is time to make their loyalties loud and clear to different satraps of congress in Madhya Pradesh.

Very first name is of KamalNath. A marwadi from Calcutta , got into politics because he was classmate of Rajiv Gandhi at doon. Chooses a typical tribal seat where winning would be easy as most tribal voters still think that Indira Gandhi is alive or Rahul Gandhi is grandson of Gandhi baba.
Height of opportunitism was recent delimitation exercise a clever tweaking of boundaries and harda and harsud are moved to baitul constituency to make ST percentage 37 there which is only 34 in chindwara (though 6out of 8 assembly seats are ST reserved). Similarly Jhabua and dhar seats are tweaked to change ranking in terms of ST percentage population to ensure chindwara remains general.

Now Mr Nath is union minister since last 4 years and is darling of international and national media but this was his first visit to indore in recent years ... commercial capital of state from where he is Loksabha member. He has no fancy degree like Mr P Chidamabram and can not spell audience like Arun Shourie but still youth congress leaders in all parts of state and particularly Indore wax their allegiance to him

Next is Mr Jyotiraditya Scindhia. He is a gentle and sober man. In all the visits to Indore he has done nothing to sully his reputation. But his local cheerleader , a loud man called Tulasi Silawat is nt an inspiring personality.

Then comes Mr suresh pachauri , once again a decent man but with no public base and depends on largess from 10 Janpath.

Jamuna devi is typical tribal leader. A showpiece for the caste leaders of party and devoid of much intelligence .

Subahas Yadav is a politician of co-operative hue and succeeded in getting ticket for his son in recent elections but he also seems ot have no vision or program me.

Coming to this so called "sadbhavna" panchayat , it was all pandemonium , slogan shouting by supporters of different leaders, fight to get on stage , dhakka mukki and even cloths were torn.

I wonder about the Muslim riot victim families how would they have felt.

Even after having Mr KamalNath as commerce minister of India industries are closing down at laarming rate in Pithampur. All ney investment in auto sector are happening in Pune or Chennai region. State government is also no good. It has not been able to induce any fundamental change in economy so has been doling out soaps heavily.

and now BJP has also caught this bug of "gutbaji". Sparring between warring faction in Indore IMC means that it has nto been able to work at speed it should have but this also means that possible corruption in some projects has been delayed ot reduce to infighting.

I had earlier expressed doubt about BRTS and now with Pratibha and Neeraj construction both pulling out IMC has no way to finish project in time.

Very first bond road in Indore was made by L&T , but prevalent corruption in Indore has meant that after that neither L&T nor nay other big Indian firm has come to Indore.
As a result all projects are being executed by local or fly by night companies from Mumbai whi have poor execution ability and try to recover money used in greasing hands of local politicians and bureaucrats from project resulting in further deterioration of quality.

Both major media house of city i.e. naidunia and Bhaskar have huge business interest and sledom do investigative journalism.

There is no intellectual group or NGO fighting corruption on local level as all eminent people have some dirt linens of their own.

and still peopel say there is no place like Indore....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mill Land : who will win

By recent news items appearing in press it appears that issue of land belonging to defunct mill land in indore may see its decision before election.

For uninitiated after cotton mills in Indore stopped functioning due to outdated technology and machinery ( textile sector is doing very good in India elsewhere) , large workforce and inapt management their land which are actually on lease from administration have suddenly acquired huge importance due to their central location and huge jump in property prices.

Now some interesting facts:

1. Politics of Indore used to be mill dominated earlier. Even Economic and political weekly has an article in last issue mentioning this. This is true as my grandfather rose to become mayor of Indore solely because of his involvement with trade union.

2. But this is no longer the case and at most only one municipal ward is mill labor dominated so IMC has no compulsion to listen to labor.

3. Labors have got money in bits and pieces and very unrealistically are demanding salary and pension even for years when mills were closed. It is just a case of vociferous pressure group.

4. Interesting angle is fishing by PWD minister in the troubled water. his interest is real estate is open secret and there are talks that he may convince state government to sale land to pay up liabilities of labor.

5.Ideally land should be returned to IMC which can put it to good use (commercial or residential) so that business activity in the area gets a fillip and this opportunity to improve city planning is not wasted.

but real estate barons rule India.A person like jagmohan was made to leave urban development ministry by them.

and who are the people involved here a handful of intellectuals who may also succumb to pressure of this vested interests.

so get ready for another big land deal in Indore, lots of votes for PWD minister from labor, lots of business for consumer goods companies in Indore ( as happened in Bhopal when money for gas relief was distributed) , and another obnoxious commercial complex in herat of city.

Update : on 30th Spetember Bhaskar carreis news that councillor Lalbahdur Verma tries to usurp some mill land. So clearly things are at stake.

Interestingly he is the same councillor who got a thana incharge suspended a few days back only because that person dare to protect another political worker whom Mr Verma was threatening.

Earlier this Mr Verma did not let Nagar Nigam function becuause he was no longer head of "zoo"

What kind of people we are saddled with in Indore. Mr Advani are you listening??

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Education in Madhya Pradesh

I recently came across this piece ranking MP 30 among all states of India in terms of educational achievement. This is along expected lines. Some of the issues I feel are

1. Quantity has improved now due to efforts of new government. At least there are schools everywhere. Mid day meal is being provided. In city centers like Indore and Bhopal this is being done by reputed NGOs like Naandi Foundation but in village area problem of monitoring means that huge money is siphoned out specially in tribal areas.

2. Model school for SC/ST and Kasturba vidayalya are creaitng impact.I have personally visited one of this but that was in Educationally forward village (Manpur) of educationally forward district (Indore).

3. Worst lot of government employees are government teachers. They are most pampered lot. they have to work only for 4-5 hours as against normal government employee and still crib about workload.All other government employees go to village and remote areas to serve but not teachers as they do not get any "upari" income.
Late education minister of MP Lakshamn Singh Gaud was a dynamic person with good intentions but he was hoodwinked by teacher lobby of MP.They claim to improve results by making 25% of paper objective !!!!

4. One problem is for job of contract teachers ("sanvida shala") people from big towns work in small district and their rural areas.they will obviously have a propensity to look for city postings. Except maybe English and math all other teachers should be recruited at Block or at most district level and it should be made claer to them they will have to serve in same geography for full career.
This will put a cap on lucrative "transfer-transfer" business also which is worth hundreds of crores.

5. In higher education there is no efforts at quality except maybe at DAVV Indore. New governor is interested in putting his caste men on posts of VCs in all universities and number of VCs who had to resign due to allegations is highest in these 5 year period.This bloke used to be union minister and Loksabha speaker at one time but still he is so castiest.

6.This government is filling posts of teachers but there is no effort at quality or incentive teachers to perform better.In cities there is an increasing gap between CBSE and MP board school on one hand and government and private schools on other hand and peopel seem to have accepted it as part of life.

7. For all talks of Indore becoming an education hub no one pays attention that it is mostly students from UP & Bihar who come here because there is no infrastructure in their state. So they eat seats of local students and due to their habits vitiate atmosphere of city. Other chunk is students form villages nad towns in MP - which clearly points to lack of good education in small towns and districts. What is worse a good number of general category candidates keep on going to south and even abroad as they fail to get seats in state and this means drain of many from state but no one is bother.

8. You can get an IIM and iit at Indore but how many students there are from MP? In IIM Indore hardly 4-5. recently MHRD abolished state quotas in NIT but no one noticed. Obviusly students form states like andhra or bihar will benefit on expense of students from states like MP. Worst hit would be SC/ST of Madhya pradesh as general can compete but SC/ST of MP fair very poorly when pitted their all Indian counterparts from Maharashtra & TN in all India exams.

I sent am mail to email ID of all member of Parliaments from Madhya Pradesh. But I understand no one uses those mail ID or worst no one is bothered about such issue when elections are raging .

so here is the news article

Madhya Pradesh ranks a poor 30 in educational development
14 Aug, 2008, 0906 hrs IST, IANS

HOPAL: Madhya Pradesh, one of India's largest states, ranks 30th in the educational development index (EDI) calculated for 35 Indian states and union territories.

This is stated in the latest report of the District Information System for Education (DISE) on the state of elementary education - primary and middle level - for the academic year 2006-07.

Though the Bharatiya Janata Party government here has made progress in terms of enrolling students in school there have been few efforts to provide quality education - a key factor in student retention.

As per the report, the gross enrolment ratio of children at the primary level increased from 129.76 percent in 2005-06 to 143.58 percent in 2006-07.

But the state's commitment to providing quality education to children can be gauged from its 30th rank in terms of the EDI of 0.481 calculated on the basis of four variables - access, infrastructure, teachers and outcomes.

The state, with a population of 65 million, was at the 29th position in 2005-06 in terms of EDI.

Incidentally, the three states and union territories that scored the highest on the EDI were Kerala (0.772), Pondicherry (0.771) and Delhi (0.757).

As providing educational access to children is not just limited to providing schools in every habitation but also about making the school environment conducive and enabling for children, Madhya Pradesh could not do much on this front either, says the report.

"In the ratio of primary schools to upper primary (middle) schools, Madhya Pradesh has fallen down from 2.8 in 2005-06 to 2.7 in 2006-07. There are only 35,899 middle schools for 95,517 primary schools," says the report.

Madhya Pradesh has a literacy rate of 64 percent. The dropout rate at the primary school level is 15.6 per cent while that at the middle level is 14.7 per cent.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rau assembly segment : battle starts

Today congress also had its worker conference in Rau. It is interesting both parties start having worker's conference as elections approach.In congress sammelan first field was thrown open for workers to come and speak but later was stopped due to obvious reasons.Rau assembly seat is newly formed and includes rau, ralamandal, bhicholi hapsi and ward 67-69 of Indore city. Rau town is dominated by patidar OBC community which has reaped benefit of green revolution and subjugaitng tribal in Mhow area since longIt has a total of 2.38 lakh population with 18% SC and 9% ST.

BJP is going to field most probably Madhu Verma - IDA chairman. IDA is one authority which has become refuge of defeated political leaders. During congress era kripashankar shukla used to be its chairman. With exponential rise in property prices IDA board members who are all poiticains except one officer literally mint money.
this time land deal which saw reliance paying IDA some 200 cr rs is being used by IDA chairman as his elction fund. Instead of concentrating on what IDA is meant to do i.e. develop new schems and take up work which is of lasting value , this money is being squandered on road construction and other jobs which are essentiall IMC's responsibilty.
this serves three fold purpose

1. Get gratittude of MLAs and councillors in whose area work is done to get their support for nomination
2. benfit contractors and others who will fund the campaign later as any big work of lasting importance will attract nationwide tender and will be less prone to corruption
3. Use government money to run own election camapign in Rau segment via last moment construction work.

Congress seems to be divided house and all old leaders who know it will be difficult to win seats in main city are eyeing this seat. it won't be a surprise if congress fields some patidar candidate. Caste consciousness is very hgih in this community and this is one way in which Congress can hope to defeat BJP.

Rau also has nakhrlai dhani, IIM indore and a big tract of land along both sides of AB road which has seen quantum jump in vlauations. So builders and real estate lobby alos has a interest i narea and I guess only Indore 2 can exceed this area in terms of real estate valuation ( which is free for developement).

So get ready for a typical money soaked indian election.

i wish someone from IIM indore and numerous colleges situated in this area would have tried to contest election.

It is the laziness of "good" people which is harming indore.