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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Terrorist attacks in Indore : Are we ready to ward them off ?

Not really. Why do I think so

1. Large no of vehicles without number plates are running in city. Despite large number of robberies in last few years no one seems to care about this. Further large number of vehicles with blue,yellow,red light keep on running flouting all traffic rules and no traffic man dares question them.
SP or IG shpud issue a list of all eligible yellow,blue,red vehicle every year and give a copy to all trafficmen. Anyone outside this list can not arm twist them.Further why does one need this lights?? Even richest of private businessmen do not get this privilege then why government officials or politicians? only police , ambulance and fire brigade should be allowed to use them as first right of passage. All others need to be treated equal.

2.No centralsies database of criminals nor about tenants. It can be doen in very simple way. SP office can have a database where every police thana will weekly give additions/deletions to this kind of lists. But will to perform is most important factor.

3. No emergency drills are done ever in schools, colleges, markets, hospitals, malls or theaters. Everyone of them will do illegal construction in parking or safety space to make more money. Will not use safety devices to save money and authorities will ignore everything for few bucks.

4. A tab on explosive chemicals trade in city . who are the buyers and sellers.

5. In all public offices such as collector, court or MY lots of people keep on roaming who actually have no business of being there but no one seems to be concerned about it.

6. A list of workers of all political parties from every area and at time of every disturbance they need to come to local police thana and tell what they were doing at that time. did they try to stop it in any way? These are the people who bring out peace marches later and protest for administration's ineptitude. You can''t have your cake and it it too.

7. A list of all people having licensed weapons needs to be put on district police website and before every disturbance just like election police should get all of them deposited. And no issuance of weapons in political pressure.


  1. I think you have some very good points of criticism, but the biggest problem in Indore is that people themselves do not care about the city. All policies are useless unless people are aware.

    But good job from your side... keep posting. Try sending something to local newspapers as well.

    Good luck!

  2. thanks.

    I don't know how to contact local newspapers. I have sent them emails but it does not work