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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Riots in Indore - Minority commission visit

Well this refuses to die but some interesting things emerged from this visit.

1. This Gentleman Mohd Sahfi Kurehi has been governor of MP in past, is a politician from Kashmir ( Indore riots had origin in Amarnath order, if one reads Jagmohan's "My frozen turbulence in Kashmir" one can know more about this character) , so ideally he should have desisted from coming to Indore. I don't know if our politicians know something called "conflict of interest" or not.

2. So as predictable instead of acting as chairman of a national level statutory commission this gentleman acted as though inspector sent by part A government at center t admonish party B government at state.So first thing he does after getting at airport is closed door meeting with local congress politicians - did anyone say constitutional propriety.

3. Now Indore had one of the worst communal violence in 1984. I remember seeing from our terrace flames emanating from Rajbada. Rajbada was administrative palace of Holkar rulers of Indore and there were shops mostly woolen of Sikhs along with its walls. No need to say congress goons burned them. In fact one of the local congress leaders succeeded in marrying daughter of a Sikh merchant because he save shop of his future in laws.
Now this bloke chairman of minority commission refuses to go and meet Sikhs for their demands regarding to compensation. Is there any better way of making people point finger at you.

4. Now boring part . visit to patients , promises of dole out and government jobs. Those killed were temporary workers in private factory. At least their death seems to have done good to their family. Now Khajrana area seems to have 130 official arms license and significant portion of them are to Muslims.
Now moot question is that if before election administration can get all weapons under its control then why nit before Bandhs?? Administrative ineptitude at its zenith.

5. Now this fellow who was governor of MP during president rule time so he has effectively ruled MP says that even without administration he could find Muslim areas as they are dirty and not maintained by administration. Sir except AB road and greater kailash area rest of Indore is like this only. get rid of your tinted glasses.

6. As per my understanding this bloke only has advising jursidiction why the hell collector and SP sat outside hous of every visited when this bloke alongwith local congress leaders was inside is beyond my comprehension.

7. No talk on disaster management functions, timely clamping of curfew, why Muslims injured were transferred from government hospital, why no action against houses from where stones were pelted , why encroachments in Muslim areas to obstruct police movement.

8. Before leaving this bloke had one more secular comment to offer " attacks were on Friday because more people are outside so it is easy to target them."
Boss Friday is also global indoctrination day for believers . So it is easy to arouse them that day.

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