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Friday, July 4, 2008

Riot in Indore

oCity has been allowed to grow along communal lines. There are old areas like Sadar bajar or Chhatribag from where Hindus have been leaving and there are areas like Khajrana and Chandan Nagar which are exclusively Muslim dominated. This is a recipe for disaster it makes problem doubly difficult – it makes easy for Hindu crowds to attack these areas and it also makes difficult for police to go in these areas and establish law and order
oEvery time there is a bandh “Bombay Bajar” & Jawahar marg area is first to explode why does not police take precautionary measure from the beginning. Specially this time trouble started in every area when workers tried to close shops .Police should have followed them everywhere
oMost dangerous was attack by armed crowd on police station in Khajrana this is single most dangerous thing because stoning and buring shps always have economic motive behind it but this incident clearly means that we have got some people with very different mentality
oPolice should monitor who are the peole in city who got Visas to go for Pakistan in last few years and who had visitors from those areas
oSP was also there in Khajrana but could not control the incident. Incidentally this area comes under strongman of BJP from indore while area of Lakshman Singh Gaur or Usha Thakur never go out of hand
oOne learning from this is all narrow areas or areas which lack public buildings give rioters space and obstruct police activity. Simple reason for Sadar Bajar or Chandan Nagar being in control is that they have public buildings offices etc so road is less encroached and gives police space to operate. So corruption in implementing urban planning rules can prove costly to the city in these ways
oHindu names of all injured are all lower caste. Which means unemployment makes people do all this stuff. Government should try to establish one ITI or some other employment training centre in this area
oPolicemen were sitting merrily on stands when lady upper collector Ms Renu Pant came and scolded them – Women should be given more administrative responsibilities
oEven tear gas shells thrown by police were thrown back by rioters – poor training of police or bad quality tear gas shells
oPakiza showroom – It was bound to be made a target. But it does not affect them actually .their main showroom is now on MG road and most of revenue will also be coming from there. It had attracted enough negative publicity when SIMI activists were caught in the city. Moreover kidnapping drama of owner’s son some 5 years back involved Bangladeshis.
oWomen of Muslim community come out – new tactic to register protest but can be dangerous if anything happens to any lady
oStoning from both sides – from where do they get this material?? Before every riot police should comb the areas and get them rid of stones and bricks
oMinister from city who wanted to bring Khajrana Muslim leaders in party now claims that police did not catch SIMI supporters from Indore – he would have made money from Muslim businesspeople by threatening them
oFrom 2003-2007 there were many explosive cases but never the situation was allowed to go out of hand – no one dies at least.These dead people can be used to incite further anger and communal feelings in populace
oPSC selected officers have been made collector and SP of Indore since they have to spend their full career in MP only they are more prone to political pressure than All India cadre officers
oKhajrana area - One crowd stoned police station which community is unclear. 16 people are injured all Muslims which means the crowd pelting stones on police station was Muslim as some of these have injury due to bullets. But as per reports bullets were being fired by both sides- really dangerous trend.
oBadwali chowk also saw violence after a long time. This is the area with most sensible Muslims and it also had SP and DSP offices in past. Another factor is there is no strong Hindu leader from this area which means there is no provocation from either side. Moreover on the other side in Rambag it is mostly Marathi middle class community which is largely peaceful
oStarting from MG road attack on MNC showroom – expected not communal actually.
o14 injured from western area of city – 6 Hindus 8 Muslims all minor implying it was more a nuisance nature riot here.
oStoning was done from high rise building in Bombay Bajar – this happens every time but police does not do anything. Even old men and children were pelting stones. After the incident police should make owners of all these buildings accountable so that such thing does not happen next time
oMany people had already sent women and children out of homes – clear signal that things were preplanned
oMost of stoning was done by people in anticipation of attacks on their houses in Malharganj
oBut Chandan nagar was silent – mostly poor people live there
oLocal media has given name of killed persons- why?
o a cyber cafĂ© and coachin class – vanijya vigyan ( who runs it??) was attacked on Jawahar Marg
oPetrol bomb used in Mlaharganj, tatpatti bakhal, Lohar patti Ravidaspura, Kagdipura

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