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Friday, July 25, 2008

Perils of Cash Economy : Robberies in Indore




First news item relates to a recent robbery in Indore. Other gives a list of all such robberies in past.

Now in today's age when even GOI asks everyone to file tax returns online why these people carry large amount of cash and mostly in loose bags on two wheelers is easily understandable.

It is all black money.Either of the party or both don't want to leave a trail so large cash transactions.

I wonder why not income tax or at least sales tax department follow all such victims of robberies after this thing happens.

Lastly there is once again case of ineptitude of police. 90% incidents happen after accountant has withdrawn money from a bank. Can't police infrastructure be strengthened in commercial area of Indore .As far as I know only on YN road the police station is in front of SBI. In all other areas like Apollo towers, RNT marg ,Sapna Sangeeta nearest poice stations are too far and no wonder that YN road does not figure in this list though it is more near to poor underbelly of Indore i.e. mill area.

So one crime - black money begets other crime .

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