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Friday, July 11, 2008

Indore riots - Epilogue

Now curfew has been relaxed. Peace marches are being taken out and politicking being done. Many things which I predicted in my earlier posts are coming true.

1.Huge demonstration by Patidar community in front of SP office and threat to disrupt milk supply to city if cases against their community members are not taken off.

I had predicted this thing in my very first post when riots started. Patidars are OBC in MP and a powerful OBC. Mostly landed class and they have reaped reach benefits of reservation policy as well as green revolution. They are numerically strong in Mhow Rau belt. Mhow was represented by Mr Bherulal patidar for long time. Interesting thing is today's demonstration part had a leader with same name ( original Bherulalji passed away few years back). But now after delimitation a new seat in Rau has been created and this may be for politicking for that seat.

Another factor is that in Muslim areas of city , upper castes Hindus live no longer but only SCs or OBCs remain. last line of defense !!!

2. Mr Digvijay singh - former chief minister comes to airport and tells to collector - "I promoted you to IAS and i will see that your job is gone !!" naked display of arrogance. Interesting thing was that if he really intended to protest coming via train or bus would have been a better option as they are in heart of city. but politics can ensure anything. Congressis of all stature in the city reached there and wanted to be arrested and when a us came for same there was stamped for getting into it !!! These are the baskets in which Muslims have put their eggs

3. This former thief minister refused to listen to families of Policemen of Juna Risala whose houses were fired during riots. So much for vote bank politics. It tomorrow congress comes to power how can a policemen have confidence in the leaders? this is one of the reasons that no police person is ready to risk his life for peace today.

4. Another ominous development was cases against policemen. It is strange that policemen who followed orders of their seniors are being made scapegoats. At least there should have been inquiry first. First administration did nothing against hindu fundamentalist and now nothing againsnt Muslim also.

5. Most sinister was phishing of jaimat e ulema hind in muddled water.Some representative of theirs visited Indore and distribute money also. Now this has happened for the first time and it may herald beginning of identification by Indore Muslims with outside Muslims rather than with common Indori.

6. Role of Mayur Hospital in Khajrana area has been exemplary but mere fact that administration had to send all Muslim injured to this far off hospital points to failure of system and lack of credibility. What happened to that medical oath? more importantly opposition should try to sort out this kinds of issue but they are interested only in fear mongering.
Now next we would see hospitals by Muslim entrepreneurs or even worse by gulf money in all Muslim areas of city. My first guess is chandan nagar, bombay bazar and juna risala.

7. All injured now claim that they were just passing through the area and were caught in crossfire. A hard to believe claim specially in case of those who were injured on second day.

8. The Sindhi youth who died of stray bullet and was being made a martyr was actually playing cricket outside his house !! bloke of highest degree

9. Homi Daji, Abhyas mandal - self proclaimed keeper of city's conscience .These people are more dangerous than actual rioters as they know all the culprits but remain silent

10.Chief minister , minister in charge of Indore or home minister have not yet bothered to visit city !!!

11. No news on rounding off people with licensed weapons or cases against high rise buildings from where stones were thrown. Corruption can have cascading effect. First weapons are issued for money without evaluating threat perception and then you find two communities firing at each other in riots. Encroachments are not removed , building regulations are flouted and roads are allowed to get narrower and narrower and then you have stoning from houses a kind of street warfare .
people are so much short sighted!!!

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