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Monday, July 21, 2008

Indore City Bus and Ranapur Accident

Well naidunia today has news that City Bus is to be transferred to Indore Municipal corporation. Now it is clear why Mr Vivek Aggrawal was transferred from collector post. He did not allow karbala issue to snowball in a riot when he was DM. New collector of state services was specifically sent for being pliant and now baby of Mr Agrawal i.e. City Bus is being transferred to IMC.

No one knows how officers or employees are recruited in IMC.
Daily wage employees are still paid cash and not through bank acocunts there are large number of them on paper only.
Database management has been contracted out to a firm with connections and people keep on getting faulty bills and no one seems to know exactly how many properties or water connections are there in city.

More sinister is timing of move , it is election time and this news will not get prominence it deserves. Moreover even a local ruffian who can become a corp orator in IMC will now dictate now this fine model of Public private partnership.


Just compare this website with pathetic website of IMC and one will understand the difference in the administrative capabilities of people involved.

Now another piece of news which caught my attention was a bus accident in Ranapur. Bus was carrying 150 persons and there were people even on roof. Worst part is two people died becuase hospital did not have oxygen!!!!


this is the link for news item. A look at dead revels they are all tribals barirng one who seems to be a candidate for contract teacher exam of MP government.

So much for the new district announcement by CM in last month.

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