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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Indore burns: Day 2

o ''I can't guarantee (that the situation will be under control). This is a communal problem. Even God can't guarantee anything. But we will try our level best; whatever will be in our capacity,'' said S K Raut, DGP, MP ( He is the top brass of Police !!!)

o Now violence spread to new areas on Friday – Azad Nagar people surround police than with demand to arrest people responsible for killing of two persons day before. ( So our worst fears come true , you kill a person and he becomes a rallying point for community)

o Stoning from mosque in Jinsi - why large people were allowed to assemble for friday prayers.At one o’clock instructions are given to be caution during Namaj – should not this have been obvious??

o Two more die – Juna risala – once again Muslims in police firing

o Police has arrested 50 people in 7 police stations – clearly nothing has been done

o Police attacked during funeral of people who dies yesterday – why the hell did they allow so many persons to go along with procession?

o Administrative incompetence – on the one hand you have firing and stoning I none part of city. You also have traffic jam in other parts as curfew was announced abruptly!!!

o Minister from Indore says 2000 people were trained by SIMI – it may or may not be true but what did police did for all these days after busting the module and mind you they were caught in western area of city not Khajarana or Azad Nagar

o No police in MY Hospital where injured were taken

o Muslim CSP was used for flag march in Muslim area – so credibility of police has taken so much beating

Now what can happen in city
o First time Muslims have shown organization in attacking police and used firearms flight of Hindus from these areas will increase
o There is a feeling that administration was partial – one should not wonder if one sees a hospital funded by gulf money coming in city for minority community
o New business in all old city areas like jawahar marg, chhatribag etc will suffer more
o The minister who is lambasting minority community has a stake in prominent hotel in city which has very shadowy owners from minority community
o Increasing disconnect between old and new city
o New city will be for rich , middle class from old city will go to western city i.e. sudama nagar area
o If Rathyatra in Chhatribag can be asked to be on scaled down level then why not Friday prayer? Where were all the cooperators and big and small leaders of congress who are there always to make protests
o In juna risala Muslims were audacious enough to stone on police houses in the police lines – clearly something dangerous is brewing
o People from this area are referred to farthest hospital i.e. Mayur hospital rather than MYH why? ( as it is Muslim owned – now hospitals also lose their credibility)
o SP says intelligence department had no info of violence – failure of intelligence department was evident when blasts at various places in India are done by material shopped from Indore. They have used intelligence for politics and blunted its edge
o People booked for two deaths yesterday are from Patidar and Jiaswal community – faultlines between OBC and Muslims
o So called big leader of Indore Mt Kripashanakr Shukla sits outside his home and stoning is happening in just next lane and a lone woman SI is fighting rioters !!!

o So old city of Indore is destined to go Delhi or Hyderabad way 

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