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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Harda MLA gets free land for petrol pump - unknow perks of office

Was just going thorugh MP govt's finance department website. In every year budget they announce how much free land they have given , where and to whom.
I could lay my hands only on last two yrs documents but they make intresting read.

1. Huge allocations have been made to RSS orgnaisations.
e.g. janjati kalyan kendra ,Mandla get 5000 sq foot woth 13 lakh, vanvasi vikas parishad dindori gets 20,000 sq metere worth 10 lakhs, and BJP in dindori get 5,000 sq ft worth 1.2 lakh.

2. Next year i.e. in 2008-09 allocations go substantially higher as this is election year so saraswati shishu mandir chanderi gets 1 hectrare worth 2.25 lakh, sevabharti in bhopal gets land worth rs 4 crore for free , same orgnisation gets 5000 sq ft in Umaria worth 2 lakh

now this kind of allocations could be expected. Allocation in tribal areas are alright as there these orgnaisations are actually doing good work but land worth 4 crore in Bhopal???? If they want to do real sewa then get some donors to buy the land. Don't loot public of Madhya Pradesh.

But interesting things are yet to come. There are hiuge allocations to various trusts for medical colleges /schools .

1.One digamabr jain trust of bhopal gets 3 acre land in jabalpur worth 2 crore to estalbish a dental college. Now once estalbished it will be free of all govt reservation policies because of its minority status. Digamabar Jain are not a poor community in MP which can't buy land. So obviously someone somehwere has enefitted.

2. One Balaji educational trust of chennai get land worth 5 crore for dental college. here is website http://www.balajitrust.org/aboutus.htm
now this trust seems to be very well of , promoted by NRIs to mint money. Why the hell MP govt needs to support it? and that too for denta l college??? a medical college can stil lbe considered useful to community because of hospital which comes along but dental college is purely money making exercise.

3.Similarly for applied sciences and dental research one trust gets land in bhopal worth 6 crore.I don't know what happens in assmebly when budget is discusse!!!!

4.Most interesting is case of BJP MLA one MR rathore from Timarni in Harda.

this is link to his asset declaration during last election. this bloke has FDs worth 1-2 lakh for his wife and himself, a jeep , 100 gm gold,land worth 10 lakh ( 3-4 different plots) , is an MA, LLB from sagar university.
and still he gets land worth 85 lakh rs for establishing a petrol pump!!!!!

Now first of all there is conflict of interest. He get the land and he himself passes the bill as an MLA.
seocndly he is pretty well off assuming that declarations are very less of actual.
He has enoguh farm land to support himslef.He is also an advocate and infact his name on elction commission website appends advocate beofre his name
still the bloke wants to estalish a petrol pump. First of all he should not be given delaership by Oil PSUs .even if he is given why the hell government is giving him land free???

are congressis of Harda reading my blog!!!!

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