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Thursday, July 31, 2008

One more industry at Pithampur gets acquired




So one more industry from Pithampur goes. Though they have not said that they will close Pithampur plant but it is only matter of time before they close it down or reduce production significantly.

MP set to lose taxes, employment and all auxiliary benefits.
Our CM is busy signing MOUs with real estate and mining companies - which actually does not create any value.

SInce our state is land locked and with increasing focus on exports our advantage of being centrally located is getting withered with more and more industry choosing to go to coastal areas MP government needs to device a new strategy for industrial development.

First step could be to ask all FMCG firms to establish plant in MP to cater to local need and not to import it from other states.

But does anyone care??

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Terrorist attacks in Indore : Are we ready to ward them off ?

Not really. Why do I think so

1. Large no of vehicles without number plates are running in city. Despite large number of robberies in last few years no one seems to care about this. Further large number of vehicles with blue,yellow,red light keep on running flouting all traffic rules and no traffic man dares question them.
SP or IG shpud issue a list of all eligible yellow,blue,red vehicle every year and give a copy to all trafficmen. Anyone outside this list can not arm twist them.Further why does one need this lights?? Even richest of private businessmen do not get this privilege then why government officials or politicians? only police , ambulance and fire brigade should be allowed to use them as first right of passage. All others need to be treated equal.

2.No centralsies database of criminals nor about tenants. It can be doen in very simple way. SP office can have a database where every police thana will weekly give additions/deletions to this kind of lists. But will to perform is most important factor.

3. No emergency drills are done ever in schools, colleges, markets, hospitals, malls or theaters. Everyone of them will do illegal construction in parking or safety space to make more money. Will not use safety devices to save money and authorities will ignore everything for few bucks.

4. A tab on explosive chemicals trade in city . who are the buyers and sellers.

5. In all public offices such as collector, court or MY lots of people keep on roaming who actually have no business of being there but no one seems to be concerned about it.

6. A list of workers of all political parties from every area and at time of every disturbance they need to come to local police thana and tell what they were doing at that time. did they try to stop it in any way? These are the people who bring out peace marches later and protest for administration's ineptitude. You can''t have your cake and it it too.

7. A list of all people having licensed weapons needs to be put on district police website and before every disturbance just like election police should get all of them deposited. And no issuance of weapons in political pressure.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Perils of Cash Economy : Robberies in Indore




First news item relates to a recent robbery in Indore. Other gives a list of all such robberies in past.

Now in today's age when even GOI asks everyone to file tax returns online why these people carry large amount of cash and mostly in loose bags on two wheelers is easily understandable.

It is all black money.Either of the party or both don't want to leave a trail so large cash transactions.

I wonder why not income tax or at least sales tax department follow all such victims of robberies after this thing happens.

Lastly there is once again case of ineptitude of police. 90% incidents happen after accountant has withdrawn money from a bank. Can't police infrastructure be strengthened in commercial area of Indore .As far as I know only on YN road the police station is in front of SBI. In all other areas like Apollo towers, RNT marg ,Sapna Sangeeta nearest poice stations are too far and no wonder that YN road does not figure in this list though it is more near to poor underbelly of Indore i.e. mill area.

So one crime - black money begets other crime .

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Indore riots retailation in Kashmir !!

Well I fered this to happen. Local small time politicians in Indore without an iota of intelligence who just want to make money from government posts and do anything to get hose posts don't realize that they are playing with fire when fomenting communal trouble.


it seems specifically pilgrims from MP were targeted.

So Mr Vijayvargiya where are your SIMI masterminds??

Monday, July 21, 2008

Indore City Bus and Ranapur Accident

Well naidunia today has news that City Bus is to be transferred to Indore Municipal corporation. Now it is clear why Mr Vivek Aggrawal was transferred from collector post. He did not allow karbala issue to snowball in a riot when he was DM. New collector of state services was specifically sent for being pliant and now baby of Mr Agrawal i.e. City Bus is being transferred to IMC.

No one knows how officers or employees are recruited in IMC.
Daily wage employees are still paid cash and not through bank acocunts there are large number of them on paper only.
Database management has been contracted out to a firm with connections and people keep on getting faulty bills and no one seems to know exactly how many properties or water connections are there in city.

More sinister is timing of move , it is election time and this news will not get prominence it deserves. Moreover even a local ruffian who can become a corp orator in IMC will now dictate now this fine model of Public private partnership.


Just compare this website with pathetic website of IMC and one will understand the difference in the administrative capabilities of people involved.

Now another piece of news which caught my attention was a bus accident in Ranapur. Bus was carrying 150 persons and there were people even on roof. Worst part is two people died becuase hospital did not have oxygen!!!!


this is the link for news item. A look at dead revels they are all tribals barirng one who seems to be a candidate for contract teacher exam of MP government.

So much for the new district announcement by CM in last month.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Harda MLA gets free land for petrol pump - unknow perks of office

Was just going thorugh MP govt's finance department website. In every year budget they announce how much free land they have given , where and to whom.
I could lay my hands only on last two yrs documents but they make intresting read.

1. Huge allocations have been made to RSS orgnaisations.
e.g. janjati kalyan kendra ,Mandla get 5000 sq foot woth 13 lakh, vanvasi vikas parishad dindori gets 20,000 sq metere worth 10 lakhs, and BJP in dindori get 5,000 sq ft worth 1.2 lakh.

2. Next year i.e. in 2008-09 allocations go substantially higher as this is election year so saraswati shishu mandir chanderi gets 1 hectrare worth 2.25 lakh, sevabharti in bhopal gets land worth rs 4 crore for free , same orgnisation gets 5000 sq ft in Umaria worth 2 lakh

now this kind of allocations could be expected. Allocation in tribal areas are alright as there these orgnaisations are actually doing good work but land worth 4 crore in Bhopal???? If they want to do real sewa then get some donors to buy the land. Don't loot public of Madhya Pradesh.

But interesting things are yet to come. There are hiuge allocations to various trusts for medical colleges /schools .

1.One digamabr jain trust of bhopal gets 3 acre land in jabalpur worth 2 crore to estalbish a dental college. Now once estalbished it will be free of all govt reservation policies because of its minority status. Digamabar Jain are not a poor community in MP which can't buy land. So obviously someone somehwere has enefitted.

2. One Balaji educational trust of chennai get land worth 5 crore for dental college. here is website http://www.balajitrust.org/aboutus.htm
now this trust seems to be very well of , promoted by NRIs to mint money. Why the hell MP govt needs to support it? and that too for denta l college??? a medical college can stil lbe considered useful to community because of hospital which comes along but dental college is purely money making exercise.

3.Similarly for applied sciences and dental research one trust gets land in bhopal worth 6 crore.I don't know what happens in assmebly when budget is discusse!!!!

4.Most interesting is case of BJP MLA one MR rathore from Timarni in Harda.

this is link to his asset declaration during last election. this bloke has FDs worth 1-2 lakh for his wife and himself, a jeep , 100 gm gold,land worth 10 lakh ( 3-4 different plots) , is an MA, LLB from sagar university.
and still he gets land worth 85 lakh rs for establishing a petrol pump!!!!!

Now first of all there is conflict of interest. He get the land and he himself passes the bill as an MLA.
seocndly he is pretty well off assuming that declarations are very less of actual.
He has enoguh farm land to support himslef.He is also an advocate and infact his name on elction commission website appends advocate beofre his name
still the bloke wants to estalish a petrol pump. First of all he should not be given delaership by Oil PSUs .even if he is given why the hell government is giving him land free???

are congressis of Harda reading my blog!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Riots in Indore - Minority commission visit

Well this refuses to die but some interesting things emerged from this visit.

1. This Gentleman Mohd Sahfi Kurehi has been governor of MP in past, is a politician from Kashmir ( Indore riots had origin in Amarnath order, if one reads Jagmohan's "My frozen turbulence in Kashmir" one can know more about this character) , so ideally he should have desisted from coming to Indore. I don't know if our politicians know something called "conflict of interest" or not.

2. So as predictable instead of acting as chairman of a national level statutory commission this gentleman acted as though inspector sent by part A government at center t admonish party B government at state.So first thing he does after getting at airport is closed door meeting with local congress politicians - did anyone say constitutional propriety.

3. Now Indore had one of the worst communal violence in 1984. I remember seeing from our terrace flames emanating from Rajbada. Rajbada was administrative palace of Holkar rulers of Indore and there were shops mostly woolen of Sikhs along with its walls. No need to say congress goons burned them. In fact one of the local congress leaders succeeded in marrying daughter of a Sikh merchant because he save shop of his future in laws.
Now this bloke chairman of minority commission refuses to go and meet Sikhs for their demands regarding to compensation. Is there any better way of making people point finger at you.

4. Now boring part . visit to patients , promises of dole out and government jobs. Those killed were temporary workers in private factory. At least their death seems to have done good to their family. Now Khajrana area seems to have 130 official arms license and significant portion of them are to Muslims.
Now moot question is that if before election administration can get all weapons under its control then why nit before Bandhs?? Administrative ineptitude at its zenith.

5. Now this fellow who was governor of MP during president rule time so he has effectively ruled MP says that even without administration he could find Muslim areas as they are dirty and not maintained by administration. Sir except AB road and greater kailash area rest of Indore is like this only. get rid of your tinted glasses.

6. As per my understanding this bloke only has advising jursidiction why the hell collector and SP sat outside hous of every visited when this bloke alongwith local congress leaders was inside is beyond my comprehension.

7. No talk on disaster management functions, timely clamping of curfew, why Muslims injured were transferred from government hospital, why no action against houses from where stones were pelted , why encroachments in Muslim areas to obstruct police movement.

8. Before leaving this bloke had one more secular comment to offer " attacks were on Friday because more people are outside so it is easy to target them."
Boss Friday is also global indoctrination day for believers . So it is easy to arouse them that day.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Indore riots - Epilogue

Now curfew has been relaxed. Peace marches are being taken out and politicking being done. Many things which I predicted in my earlier posts are coming true.

1.Huge demonstration by Patidar community in front of SP office and threat to disrupt milk supply to city if cases against their community members are not taken off.

I had predicted this thing in my very first post when riots started. Patidars are OBC in MP and a powerful OBC. Mostly landed class and they have reaped reach benefits of reservation policy as well as green revolution. They are numerically strong in Mhow Rau belt. Mhow was represented by Mr Bherulal patidar for long time. Interesting thing is today's demonstration part had a leader with same name ( original Bherulalji passed away few years back). But now after delimitation a new seat in Rau has been created and this may be for politicking for that seat.

Another factor is that in Muslim areas of city , upper castes Hindus live no longer but only SCs or OBCs remain. last line of defense !!!

2. Mr Digvijay singh - former chief minister comes to airport and tells to collector - "I promoted you to IAS and i will see that your job is gone !!" naked display of arrogance. Interesting thing was that if he really intended to protest coming via train or bus would have been a better option as they are in heart of city. but politics can ensure anything. Congressis of all stature in the city reached there and wanted to be arrested and when a us came for same there was stamped for getting into it !!! These are the baskets in which Muslims have put their eggs

3. This former thief minister refused to listen to families of Policemen of Juna Risala whose houses were fired during riots. So much for vote bank politics. It tomorrow congress comes to power how can a policemen have confidence in the leaders? this is one of the reasons that no police person is ready to risk his life for peace today.

4. Another ominous development was cases against policemen. It is strange that policemen who followed orders of their seniors are being made scapegoats. At least there should have been inquiry first. First administration did nothing against hindu fundamentalist and now nothing againsnt Muslim also.

5. Most sinister was phishing of jaimat e ulema hind in muddled water.Some representative of theirs visited Indore and distribute money also. Now this has happened for the first time and it may herald beginning of identification by Indore Muslims with outside Muslims rather than with common Indori.

6. Role of Mayur Hospital in Khajrana area has been exemplary but mere fact that administration had to send all Muslim injured to this far off hospital points to failure of system and lack of credibility. What happened to that medical oath? more importantly opposition should try to sort out this kinds of issue but they are interested only in fear mongering.
Now next we would see hospitals by Muslim entrepreneurs or even worse by gulf money in all Muslim areas of city. My first guess is chandan nagar, bombay bazar and juna risala.

7. All injured now claim that they were just passing through the area and were caught in crossfire. A hard to believe claim specially in case of those who were injured on second day.

8. The Sindhi youth who died of stray bullet and was being made a martyr was actually playing cricket outside his house !! bloke of highest degree

9. Homi Daji, Abhyas mandal - self proclaimed keeper of city's conscience .These people are more dangerous than actual rioters as they know all the culprits but remain silent

10.Chief minister , minister in charge of Indore or home minister have not yet bothered to visit city !!!

11. No news on rounding off people with licensed weapons or cases against high rise buildings from where stones were thrown. Corruption can have cascading effect. First weapons are issued for money without evaluating threat perception and then you find two communities firing at each other in riots. Encroachments are not removed , building regulations are flouted and roads are allowed to get narrower and narrower and then you have stoning from houses a kind of street warfare .
people are so much short sighted!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Indore burns: Day 2

o ''I can't guarantee (that the situation will be under control). This is a communal problem. Even God can't guarantee anything. But we will try our level best; whatever will be in our capacity,'' said S K Raut, DGP, MP ( He is the top brass of Police !!!)

o Now violence spread to new areas on Friday – Azad Nagar people surround police than with demand to arrest people responsible for killing of two persons day before. ( So our worst fears come true , you kill a person and he becomes a rallying point for community)

o Stoning from mosque in Jinsi - why large people were allowed to assemble for friday prayers.At one o’clock instructions are given to be caution during Namaj – should not this have been obvious??

o Two more die – Juna risala – once again Muslims in police firing

o Police has arrested 50 people in 7 police stations – clearly nothing has been done

o Police attacked during funeral of people who dies yesterday – why the hell did they allow so many persons to go along with procession?

o Administrative incompetence – on the one hand you have firing and stoning I none part of city. You also have traffic jam in other parts as curfew was announced abruptly!!!

o Minister from Indore says 2000 people were trained by SIMI – it may or may not be true but what did police did for all these days after busting the module and mind you they were caught in western area of city not Khajarana or Azad Nagar

o No police in MY Hospital where injured were taken

o Muslim CSP was used for flag march in Muslim area – so credibility of police has taken so much beating

Now what can happen in city
o First time Muslims have shown organization in attacking police and used firearms flight of Hindus from these areas will increase
o There is a feeling that administration was partial – one should not wonder if one sees a hospital funded by gulf money coming in city for minority community
o New business in all old city areas like jawahar marg, chhatribag etc will suffer more
o The minister who is lambasting minority community has a stake in prominent hotel in city which has very shadowy owners from minority community
o Increasing disconnect between old and new city
o New city will be for rich , middle class from old city will go to western city i.e. sudama nagar area
o If Rathyatra in Chhatribag can be asked to be on scaled down level then why not Friday prayer? Where were all the cooperators and big and small leaders of congress who are there always to make protests
o In juna risala Muslims were audacious enough to stone on police houses in the police lines – clearly something dangerous is brewing
o People from this area are referred to farthest hospital i.e. Mayur hospital rather than MYH why? ( as it is Muslim owned – now hospitals also lose their credibility)
o SP says intelligence department had no info of violence – failure of intelligence department was evident when blasts at various places in India are done by material shopped from Indore. They have used intelligence for politics and blunted its edge
o People booked for two deaths yesterday are from Patidar and Jiaswal community – faultlines between OBC and Muslims
o So called big leader of Indore Mt Kripashanakr Shukla sits outside his home and stoning is happening in just next lane and a lone woman SI is fighting rioters !!!

o So old city of Indore is destined to go Delhi or Hyderabad way 

Friday, July 4, 2008

Riot in Indore

oCity has been allowed to grow along communal lines. There are old areas like Sadar bajar or Chhatribag from where Hindus have been leaving and there are areas like Khajrana and Chandan Nagar which are exclusively Muslim dominated. This is a recipe for disaster it makes problem doubly difficult – it makes easy for Hindu crowds to attack these areas and it also makes difficult for police to go in these areas and establish law and order
oEvery time there is a bandh “Bombay Bajar” & Jawahar marg area is first to explode why does not police take precautionary measure from the beginning. Specially this time trouble started in every area when workers tried to close shops .Police should have followed them everywhere
oMost dangerous was attack by armed crowd on police station in Khajrana this is single most dangerous thing because stoning and buring shps always have economic motive behind it but this incident clearly means that we have got some people with very different mentality
oPolice should monitor who are the peole in city who got Visas to go for Pakistan in last few years and who had visitors from those areas
oSP was also there in Khajrana but could not control the incident. Incidentally this area comes under strongman of BJP from indore while area of Lakshman Singh Gaur or Usha Thakur never go out of hand
oOne learning from this is all narrow areas or areas which lack public buildings give rioters space and obstruct police activity. Simple reason for Sadar Bajar or Chandan Nagar being in control is that they have public buildings offices etc so road is less encroached and gives police space to operate. So corruption in implementing urban planning rules can prove costly to the city in these ways
oHindu names of all injured are all lower caste. Which means unemployment makes people do all this stuff. Government should try to establish one ITI or some other employment training centre in this area
oPolicemen were sitting merrily on stands when lady upper collector Ms Renu Pant came and scolded them – Women should be given more administrative responsibilities
oEven tear gas shells thrown by police were thrown back by rioters – poor training of police or bad quality tear gas shells
oPakiza showroom – It was bound to be made a target. But it does not affect them actually .their main showroom is now on MG road and most of revenue will also be coming from there. It had attracted enough negative publicity when SIMI activists were caught in the city. Moreover kidnapping drama of owner’s son some 5 years back involved Bangladeshis.
oWomen of Muslim community come out – new tactic to register protest but can be dangerous if anything happens to any lady
oStoning from both sides – from where do they get this material?? Before every riot police should comb the areas and get them rid of stones and bricks
oMinister from city who wanted to bring Khajrana Muslim leaders in party now claims that police did not catch SIMI supporters from Indore – he would have made money from Muslim businesspeople by threatening them
oFrom 2003-2007 there were many explosive cases but never the situation was allowed to go out of hand – no one dies at least.These dead people can be used to incite further anger and communal feelings in populace
oPSC selected officers have been made collector and SP of Indore since they have to spend their full career in MP only they are more prone to political pressure than All India cadre officers
oKhajrana area - One crowd stoned police station which community is unclear. 16 people are injured all Muslims which means the crowd pelting stones on police station was Muslim as some of these have injury due to bullets. But as per reports bullets were being fired by both sides- really dangerous trend.
oBadwali chowk also saw violence after a long time. This is the area with most sensible Muslims and it also had SP and DSP offices in past. Another factor is there is no strong Hindu leader from this area which means there is no provocation from either side. Moreover on the other side in Rambag it is mostly Marathi middle class community which is largely peaceful
oStarting from MG road attack on MNC showroom – expected not communal actually.
o14 injured from western area of city – 6 Hindus 8 Muslims all minor implying it was more a nuisance nature riot here.
oStoning was done from high rise building in Bombay Bajar – this happens every time but police does not do anything. Even old men and children were pelting stones. After the incident police should make owners of all these buildings accountable so that such thing does not happen next time
oMany people had already sent women and children out of homes – clear signal that things were preplanned
oMost of stoning was done by people in anticipation of attacks on their houses in Malharganj
oBut Chandan nagar was silent – mostly poor people live there
oLocal media has given name of killed persons- why?
o a cyber cafĂ© and coachin class – vanijya vigyan ( who runs it??) was attacked on Jawahar Marg
oPetrol bomb used in Mlaharganj, tatpatti bakhal, Lohar patti Ravidaspura, Kagdipura