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Monday, June 2, 2008

Some interesting news items on MP politics and bureaucracy - 1

Well this item talks about management quota seats in private professional colleges. It isn't o secret that throughout India politicians own engineering/medical & management colleges.I remember this "MIT" mandsore institute of technology which was promoted by narendra nahta then a minister in MP or Tanwantsingh keer from khandwa who had abused the judge of fee deciding committee publicly.

Well engineering colleges in MP have an interesting concept called NRI quota which is actually filled by NRI sponsored candidates. It is a source of big moolah for colleges. I think best way to free professional colleges from clutch of politicians and regular rent seekers is what government are doing in south India i.e. earmark 60-70% seats as free seats where people get inside on merit and are charged nominal fees and let management decide what to charge and whom to admit for rest of seats.
1.It will create a simple demand supply market.
2. Money thus earned can be used to improve facilities
3. Colleges will be free of pressure of politicians
4. There will be mroe seats for merit students as more colleges will open up.

Only pre condition is strict observance of facilities in colleges by regulatory authorities.

and now the news item :

State plays with students' future for political gains
The management quota in the private professional colleges was scrapped last year as per the ruling of Supreme Court and caused a huge uproar amongst the management of the colleges who kept on protesting well into the onset of the 2007-08 session to get the quota restored.
The frustration of the college managements is obvious, given the fact that the management quota – worth 15 percent seats in any private college – was the way for the management to usurp huge fees from willing students. After rounds of talks with the government, the managements had backed down, obviously being assured of getting their `due' next year.
To keep its promise, the state government started its exercise early. It talked of a comprehensive admission policy under the newly promulgated MP Private Professional Institutes (Regulation of Admission and Fixation of Fees) Act and slowly started circulating the news that it wanted to restore the management quota to the colleges under this policy. The draft policy naturally met with hurdles at the Law Department that reminded the government of the Supreme Court ruling that clearly quashes down any quota in private colleges.
Yet the government hasn't given up. It has gotten into refreshed exercise of redrafting the policy and the word is that the draft might not be final till April end. Consequently, the dates of the entrance test for engineering, pharmacy, management and computer application courses could not be declared in near future.
The government isn't even dissuaded by the fact that the MP High Court had ordered that the policy should be ready well within time for next academic session and a contempt petition has already been filed on the matter.
It can only see the elections looming ahead and the fact that if made happy, the managements of the private professional colleges might add to the election kitty in a substantial way. Court's whip and students' agony notwithstanding.

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