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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Man industry to close Pithampur plant


One more industry goes out of MP.This is when government is organizing investor meet in all major cities but actually no industry has come to Indore in last 5 years. Man group was second biggest pipe manufacture in India and given rise in oil prices is bound to reap rich benefits.

But local media is obviously not interested and nor the able Minister from Indore
Another interesting item I found on Rojgar Nirman - all employment news it ha about teachers or clerks in government department . No job in industries which means MP is stagnated in this area. Even in Indore all buzz is around real estate and trading only. This Man group is also developing an SEZ!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some intresting news about MP - 2

Now this is an interesting news. As per my understanding mainstream media ( read naidunia and bhaskar ) blacked out this news. This particular group is my guess biggest liquor trader in MP and must be giving huge kickbacks to politicians.Occasional items like this keep on appearing in press and my doubt is that this happens when someone is disgruntled with the pie he receives.
This group was main sponsor of an event organized by German consulate in Indore during m school days so it means they know how to cultivate people also.
Interestingly this firm is listed and it appears FY 08 revenue was 60 crore and PAT 6 crore
News reports say they are setting up greenfield facilities in Hyderabad and Maharashtra. it seems they are third largest beer maker in India with a share of 4%. Now after making all their money from MP and causing MP government loss of huge taxes they go and set up a plant in other states!!!!
Another interesting thing is directors - one name is some Mr manoj Varshney -- something rings in the ear ???

There is naother news item
he Madhya Pradesh Housing Board’s prestigious new Thatipur township project for Gwalior has been bagged by Som Distilleries & Breweries Ltd (SDBL) in collaboration with Patel Engineering Ltd

Now this patel engineering if I am not wrong a transportation company which is Mumbai based which also does not have very good corporate governance record

Som Distilleries in Rs 100 Crore fake hologram scam
It was a very smartly planned operation and it certainly proved beneficial for the players. By involving a Kolkata-based hologram making company and some officials of the Excise Department, Som Group’s two companies – M/s Som Distilleries and Breweries Limited (SDBL) and M/s Som Distilleries Private Limited (SDPL) apparently managed to sell huge liquor straight in the market without paying any excise duty.

The matter came to light after a detailed investigation was ordered into seizure of huge amount of illicit Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and Beer from Manpur Road and Sanver in Indore earlier this month. The investigation was conducted by the assistant excise commissioner Vinod Raghuvanshi on directives of Principal Secretary of Commercial Tax Department G P Singhal.

It was reportedly found that the Som Group companies apparently struck a deal with the Kolkata-based Hologram Company Flex, which made available fake holograms with similar number series as original to the Som Group. The Som Group companies then used these fake holograms to directly send their liquor into market without paying any Excise Duty.

The State Government, in a bid to stem the sale of illicit and spurious liquor had made the use of hologram on the bottles must. The holograms were made available to state government by the Kolkata-based company and after these holograms were numbered at Gwalior, they were distributed to the distilleries and ware houses to be stuck on each of the bottles. Each hologram cost the government six paise.

The Som Group however purchased each fake hologram with duplicated original numbers at Re 1 from the company and used to it cheat the government of Excise duty worth crores, the investigating officer Raghuvanshi has told media persons. The scam was unearthed after it was found that the holograms on the illicit liquor belonging to Som Group companies were exactly the same as original but with duplicated numbers released in advance.

The Excise Department has already booked the two companies under MP Excise Act and also the principal secretary of Commercial Tax Department has ordered registering of fraud case against the companies under Indian Penal Code

Monday, June 2, 2008

Some interesting news items on MP politics and bureaucracy - 1

Well this item talks about management quota seats in private professional colleges. It isn't o secret that throughout India politicians own engineering/medical & management colleges.I remember this "MIT" mandsore institute of technology which was promoted by narendra nahta then a minister in MP or Tanwantsingh keer from khandwa who had abused the judge of fee deciding committee publicly.

Well engineering colleges in MP have an interesting concept called NRI quota which is actually filled by NRI sponsored candidates. It is a source of big moolah for colleges. I think best way to free professional colleges from clutch of politicians and regular rent seekers is what government are doing in south India i.e. earmark 60-70% seats as free seats where people get inside on merit and are charged nominal fees and let management decide what to charge and whom to admit for rest of seats.
1.It will create a simple demand supply market.
2. Money thus earned can be used to improve facilities
3. Colleges will be free of pressure of politicians
4. There will be mroe seats for merit students as more colleges will open up.

Only pre condition is strict observance of facilities in colleges by regulatory authorities.

and now the news item :

State plays with students' future for political gains
The management quota in the private professional colleges was scrapped last year as per the ruling of Supreme Court and caused a huge uproar amongst the management of the colleges who kept on protesting well into the onset of the 2007-08 session to get the quota restored.
The frustration of the college managements is obvious, given the fact that the management quota – worth 15 percent seats in any private college – was the way for the management to usurp huge fees from willing students. After rounds of talks with the government, the managements had backed down, obviously being assured of getting their `due' next year.
To keep its promise, the state government started its exercise early. It talked of a comprehensive admission policy under the newly promulgated MP Private Professional Institutes (Regulation of Admission and Fixation of Fees) Act and slowly started circulating the news that it wanted to restore the management quota to the colleges under this policy. The draft policy naturally met with hurdles at the Law Department that reminded the government of the Supreme Court ruling that clearly quashes down any quota in private colleges.
Yet the government hasn't given up. It has gotten into refreshed exercise of redrafting the policy and the word is that the draft might not be final till April end. Consequently, the dates of the entrance test for engineering, pharmacy, management and computer application courses could not be declared in near future.
The government isn't even dissuaded by the fact that the MP High Court had ordered that the policy should be ready well within time for next academic session and a contempt petition has already been filed on the matter.
It can only see the elections looming ahead and the fact that if made happy, the managements of the private professional colleges might add to the election kitty in a substantial way. Court's whip and students' agony notwithstanding.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

MANIT Bhopal : A den of ....??

So Mr Buch comes once again on my blog.
I always wondered why NITs in south India are much more reputed than their north Indian counterparts or why bright students prefer GSITS Indore over MANIT Bhopal. I think one of the main reason is that elite of Bhopal is made up of parasites from other states and retired bureuacrates and these people have no stake in betterment of MP and just want to loot it. QUite opposed to Indore where local public opinion ensures that no hanky panky is odne in GSITS, Holkar and other such colleges.

I think rather than posting the issue or report it would be sufficisnt to post comments made by public on the news item in Dianik Bhaskar in which report by Mr Buch has been leaked :

Congatulations for exposing the goons in the national level educational institute. These people have captured the MANIT administration, have made huge money by employing a group of teachers (nearly 65).some of these teachers have been students of MANIT-- and scored supplementaries in exams.They are now teaching, and making money from posts like warden ship etc.These goondas have instigated students by distributing free liquor in hostels.Thanks for your endeavour to save the institute from complete collapse.
Arvind Mittal
Friday, 5th Oct 2007, 17:02

I know all this happennig in MANIT, I have also mailed to MHRD in this matter but all in vain. I am ashamed of being ex-student of this college whose is helpless to do something for my college. With this news and Great Job by you hope something will happen so this college.
Friday, 5th Oct 2007, 18:14

The news printed above is true and is known to every individual involved in one or the other way, with the authorities and the administration of the college. Its just that the roots of this evil are so engrossed in the system that there is hardly any voice left to anyone(including students) in the college. So no endorsements of the facts can be expected from the students(a minor group although but strong one) as they are themselves sold to the brink of the matters. The so called students protest was just a strategy planned by the teachers to showcase a cause, frankly speaking no one is with the culprits but the students are forced to do the same(careers at stake). A just solution for all this is hoped for. I hope Bhaskar will keep up the good work.
Friday, 5th Oct 2007, 14:31

Thank God, Atleast somebody has done right thing from Media. I really appreciate this type of work from Media. & ya one more thing for your kind information Sanjeev Saxena is Husband of Prof. Aruna Saxena, & he is so called DON of MANIT. Thats why all construction contracts are assign to his company. They all are the ex-students of MANIT then also they don't feel any liability for their own institution. Well All the best to DANIK BHASKAR.
a student of architecture
Saturday, 6th Oct 2007, 17:23

an excellent job.. i shall congratulate dainik bhaskar for the wonderful job done.. since in this entire crime the only suffferer is a student .. who comes to this institute in order to gain knowledge and nuture his future. But with such incompetent faculty one will definitely degrade his personality n intellect. The very same faculty encourage the students to indulge in unsocial activities like looting a shop in new market or violence in kotra (because of a teacher). At one time Mr. Sharma used ti drink liquor with the students of the institute and used to give those students an academic benefit. I guess the current students of MANIT will be a better source of information for such kind of things about these people. Currently these "so -called" faculty members have encouraged the students of the institute to go for a strike at the cost of thier academic curiculum. The mid-term of the institute is postponed because of this strike. The students dont have the realisation that they are the ones who have to pay the cost. This enquiry will only be fruitful if the mentioned faculty are being expelled or being given the apt the designations and recruit new eligible individuals who really deserve the presitigious position. More importantly the money being spent on the luxurious lives of one or few individual shall be invested in the student welfare and development.
a concerned indian
Sunday, 7th Oct 2007, 6:59

Your news paper has done realy a wonderful job. I congritulate your news paper team for such a nice coverage of corruption. However you will be surprised to know that in the things more worst that mentioned in the Butch report. In support of my statement I will add some more news 1. Total Security funds are being syphoned by this person and the security gurads are physical doing various type of duties at Radha Raman Colleges. 2. All the contract manpower is supplied by this person and he takes commission for giving contract jobs. 3. For having control on students this person has taken admission in Ph.D. programme and also taking scholarship. Brother in law of this person is also registered in Ph.D. programme. All the above are involved in fraud and making money and they will get degree as bonus without doing any work as for these people no rules are existing. I request to please do more coverage for MANIT so that more serious irregularities could brought to the public. In this way this person has made MANIT as his personal peoperty.
Sunday, 7th Oct 2007, 9:41

Congratulations to Danik Bhaskar Team to exploit the mafia of MANIT. I am in MANIT since last 33 years now as a Professor and I have not seen the worst period of institute like today. The hard worker, sincere and honest persons are not able to do the work due to the environment in the institute. This mafia not only working for themselves but they harass and torture the other persons who do not cooperate. The image of the institute has touched the lowest now. We only pray the god, he only can save the institute. I request to Danik Bhskar team to continue the excellent work and we are in full support to them. They may contact me at 2670761 or III / 23 MANIT Colony, if any help is required. Dr.N.D.Mittal, Professor, MANIT BHOPAL
Gaurav Singh
Tuesday, 9th Oct 2007, 4:30

Wednesday, 10th Oct 2007, 8:21
SIR its a great treagdy that u are not looking into the corruptions going on in education field . sir what is the use of higher studies when money and power source is important. i am talking about the recent recruitment took place in MANIT( former MACT, Regional Engineering College - Engineering college, it ranks after IITs) , bhopal., for lecturers and asst. professors of different discipline . i was also one of the candidate, i am PhD , published many recearch papers in international conferences and was selected as lecturer through MP Psc. and working as lecturer since last 10 years. and sorry to say that their are many candidates like me who were not selected . and the one who were selected are simply BE or ME having least experience and no papers published but they are selected on money grounds and sir they themselves saying that they have given 5 lakhs for selection . and even it is more surprising that after joining maximum of selected candidates have given 5 increments of no reason because the pay structure is of Govt and its is going from Govt pocket.. they did not count the govt service but they have given 5 increments of no reason means education qualification is of no use u should have money, if v go for court case there also they will win with money what to do sir, we need ur help . pl enquire the whole procedure of selection and cancel the whole process or of culprits . in BHOPAL all types of corruption is going on . SIR ,in BHOPAL's renowned and old engineering college , MANIT bhopal. last month they have advertise the vacancies of lecturers and asst. professors of all discipline and of all catagorey, but u know sir what happened they interviewed the candidates with in 12 days after the last date of submitting the forms, and the interviewed late night till 12.30 am.that is not enough , they have rejected Ph.D 's & experienced candidates and selected freshers and least qualified students. and after the interview they called the selected candidates through phones on next day , they took their medical and the joining on same day till night 10.30 pm and also they have given 5 increments without reason . Local news paper published it 16/7/05 HT , and 26/7/05 DAINik Bhaskar. we request to enquire whole situation and re intrview the whole post . its our genuine & kind request, thanking you, sir, they have selected because they have given money between 3-5lakhs for each post or some are politically resourseful . u may take the case of mechenical engg. , electronics engg. or electrical engg. Sir ,we are very hopeful that u may help in giving justice to us . please, genuine inquiry committee should be set , so that selection may be cancelled . stay cannot be taken because candidates have join the department in a single day by giving police verification , medical checkup and joining only in a single day . this all process shows that all setting was done before hand . sir, this is an impontant news which is to be brought in your notice that the fresh recruitment done in MANIT , Bhopal . deemed University and well recognised Engineering college in all due to money basis. the recruitment is done in the following manner: 1.call letter is send through telegram in short notice (within fifteen days after last date of submitting the form)' 2.interviews held at late night till 12.30 am 3. highly qualified candidates like PhD are not selected 4.after selection results are declare in 4 days of 70 posts ,appointment is done by phone calls , medical and joining is done on next day till late night-ie.10pm 5. Political ,persons are involved in this selection and nearly five lakhs are taken from each selected candidates. i request u to inquire all situations and pl. do the justice . pl cancel this selection. thanking you, pl. do take action to avoid candidates frustration with kind regards ravi, BHOPAL (M.P)
varun Sharan
Wednesday, 10th Oct 2007, 8:32

first of all congratulation to dainik bhaskar. I am also a pass out of manit. i write unknown in column of name because i'll tell umany of things related to this college. college bilkul barbad hai. college mein ek-do nahi almost 80% teachers corrupt hain. u can't believe that most of teachers have not any type of things like good behavior, way of talking etc. they all uses abusive language. aur details main janna ho to Editorial Board k students se poocho. they have nothing about their Knowledge, characteristics of life like good behavior. ek nahi 1000 milenge. college students ko milne wali sabhi facilities ko in logo ne zero kar diya hai aur inn sabhi paiso ko apne gharo mein bhar liya hai. agar really mein college ka kuch bhala klarna hai to pure staff ko change karna hoga.. main samazh sakta hu ki waha students kuch isilye nahi kar sakte kyonki college is a deemed university. All rules and regulations is own of college. No student can do oppose like delhi college students. ...college ke liye ek ghari khai hai jisme se college ko upar utthna hoga. uske saath apne college ke dean,professor aur yaha tak kuch students (senior students) bhi mile huye hai. college ko kafi profeesor ko usne apne collge mein kuch ko lakhon Rs. dekar bula rakha hai ye Professor incentive to Govt. ka kha rahe hai aur chmchagiri ... ki kar rahe hain. ye mein sab isiliye bata raha hu kyonki ye abhi nahi bataya to sab kuch shant ho jayega. isiliye jo bhi agar kuch kar sakta hai vo really mein kuch kare...Vaise issme MHRD he kuch kar sakta hai.
Thursday, 11th Oct 2007, 10:25