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Friday, May 30, 2008

Water Tank Burst

We used to have a course on reliability engineering at IIT and I always used to wonder of what use these courses are.When I was meeting professors for my B Tech Project one of them was working in two fields VLSI & reliability engineering - a strange combination .At least this is what I used to think but now after what has happened in Indore in last two days I think along with disciplines related to development one needs to know about disciplines which deal with how to maintain resources.

In a city with chronic water shortage and where number of tankers decide many councilors' and MLAs' electoral fortune bursting of tank and then valve in a quick succession of two days can mean only two thing

1. Corruption : Deliberate use of weak or cheap pipes and instruments
2.Negligence : No regular inspection , no testing for strength and lack of regular maintenance.

More horrifying situation would be if this was case of clear incompetence i.e. neither corruption nor negligence but simply put people at ground are not trained to handle these kind of situations.

If this is the case then it puts a question mark on the extent of decentralization which can be achieved in administration.

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