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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Madhya Pradesh Board Of Secondary Education a.k.a People who know all

Class 10th & 12 th results are to in MP with significantly improved pass percentage as well as general increase in marks scored by students. Obviously there is a policy shift to mark more leniently but Still some questions remain unanswered :

1. Merit list is dominated by students from small towns. This is expected because in big cities people prefer CBSE schools but one never know what happens to this merit holders after 10th /12th . Are they able to compete with their city counterparts? There should be a study on this and t least top 100 in state should be given career counsellings.
2. Just by increasing marks is not going to benefit students while competing on all India level. Quality is must.
One very dangerous trend which I see now is possibility of doctored merit lists. Otherwise 4 students from Saraswati Shishu VIhar? I am a die hard BJP supporter but my guess is someone in education department is giving similar ideas as to what they do in West Bengal i.e. insert more rural students in merit list to show government's good work
3. There is no recognition for merit list. I am yet to get a certificate for same and I know 10-12 persons who had merit ranks in different classes at different points of time but they have no documentary proof of it. The scholarship given by government to those in merit is also nothing worth speaking.
Msot interestingly Department of education officials never reply to emails in this regard . i wonder if they actually use emails
4. There is no logic for running 5th-8th boards. It is just more paper work and more opportunity to swindle money. There is no correlation of number of board exams to education level in states. Moreover there is no normalization in merit lists at that level. I remember one year in class 8th two schools whose scripts came for checking to our school had half the positions in merit list divide between them as our teachers were lenient in marking.
5. Board should concentrate more on improving syllabus, books ( rather than just copying NCERT books) and giving students flexibility in subjects they choose rather than just plain vanilla option of Hindi English and three subjects.


  1. yes... that's a good analysis of education system... You have chosen a good subject to write.. No one care to write about it.

    Merit list doctoring is not new in India and is being carried out since decades. only solution is make entire examination system totally transperant and revolutionary idea such as "self - assessment" of Answer books in exams with electronic assessment tools... It can be developed easily !! Online Realtime results will be amazing for students who really work hard