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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Khuni Bhandara of Burhanpur : A potential tourist attraction

Read this item about khooni bhandara of Burhnapur. It is indeed an architectural marvel .I remember going to a science exhibition in school days where one team had painstakingly researched adn created water supply structure of ancient and medieval India .later I also saw a documentary on DD which showed how intricate irrigation networks were laid down in south India by chola and vijaynagar rulers.
This place can be developed into a big tourist attraction if we have some visionary people sitting in tourist department.

this links have some more pictures and info.


`Khooni Bhandara' gets state protected status

Khooni Bhandara – the ancient water supply system from Mughal period at Burhanpur has been declared as state protected structure by the State Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums. The structure – spread over an area of 0.340 hectares in Burhanpur Town – is an historical engineering marvel of immense importance because of its unique features and structural perfection.

The ancient water supply system was envisaged and constructed by Mughal Subedar Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana of Emperor Jehangir's regime. The Subedar – known to be a man of huge foresight, collected information on the the groundwater resources in the Satpuda region and to tap the resources properly and provide its benefit to the residents of Burhanpur, constructed the unique water supply system in year 1615.

The structure includes several small ponds were constructed in various parts to collect water. The water was transported through baked clay pipes to the Pond at Shaniwara Dwar in Burhanpur city. The water from this pond was then supplied to the palaces, Masjids and residences of common people again using underground pipes. Though the system is not in use presently, it is yet very much workable.

Meanwhile, the water supply pipelines of the other ancient water structures in Burhanpur such as Mul Bhandara, Chintaharan Bhandara, Jali Karanj, Lalbag Mandi Bhandara, Gol Bhandara and Shakkar Talab have choked up. However, the 1.5-meter high air vents constructed near these water structures to ensure cleanliness of stored water still exist. These air vents were constructed using bricks.


  1. If this gets developed as a tourist place and it gets popular, then be prepared to see GARBAGE everywhere. Unfortunately garbage has become a staple of popular sights/places in India. I hope this place stays as is.

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