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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eve teasing in Madhya Pradesh

Came across this piece of news. i remember one girl named Priti Shrivastav was run over by Jeep of hoodlums when she protested against eve teasing. This seems to be becoming a deep seated malaise in MP now .Worst part is girls don't complain due to social reputation and whenever police try to act they are decried by media as against human rights. Mushrooming of valentine day and friendship day functions, tv channels , easy availability of porn due to spread of computer and internet has not helped matter.
I fear this trend to go worse in future as
1. sex ratio is decreasing if one goest to "parichay Sammelan " - a unique MP innovation one can easily see few no of girsl and a lot of no of boys .
2. Another problem is with growing affluence in society more and more youth just litter away their time on dad's money while more and more girls are getting higher education this is creating imbalance as apart from being fewer in number now girls are normally more educated also and such tensions are bounfd to flare up e.g. recent scholarship initiative of central government for minority students ended up selecting 50% beneficiaries as girls. It is a good thing in itslef but as i pointed out above there are dnagers within.

Another girl burnt for resisting eve-teasing

Another day, another incident. This time the location is Sagar. A teenager was burnt by a group of youth in Shahgarh town of the district on Tuesday.

Again, her 'fault': she dared to speak against the eve-teasers, just like Pooja who was recently burnt to death. Vinita was the target of their indecent remarks and acts.

On Tuesday, when she protested the youth threw kerosene on her and burnt the girl. She is now admitted in a hospital where her condition is serious.

The culprits are Manoj, Dassu, Kallu and Jaggi. They were standing near the gate of the girl's house and making indecent comments. The police say they have caught two of the culprits.

Just two days ago a girl, Pooja, who was resisting the local goons who regularly teased her, was burnt to death. Pooja lived in Sihora near Jabalpur.

The same group regularly teased her. She had complained to her brother, who confronted the gang and was beaten. The youth then set her ablaze.

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